LMD Rules and Guidelines

LMD Rules and Guidelines



1) The Local Mission Development (LMD) shall serve as a means to help churches and missions fellowshipping in the Southwest Association of Missionary Baptists Churches (SWA of MBC) purchase property, erect buildings, make property improvements, and purchase furnishings and equipment.

2) The LMD shall provide a means for greater participation in mission work on the part of all churches and missions in the SWA of MBC.

3) The LMD shall encourage the sponsorship and organizing of new mission works with the SWA.


All churches and missions fellowshipping in the SWA contributing to the fund (an offering of one dollar or more) within the year the funds are disbursed, shall by their participation, be recognized as a member of the LMD, with voting privileges.


1) The Quaker Avenue Baptist Church shall solicit, collect and hold all funds until they are disbursed to the determined project. The QABC shall present the LMD ministry to all the churches and missions in the SWA for financial support. The QABC shall maintain open records, receipt all funds, and report regularly and faithfully to all members, and annually to the messengers composing the SWA.

2) Only churches and missions within the SWA that financially support the LMD (within the year) are eligible to request and receive funds.

3) Churches and missions applying for funds should send a written request to QABC, stating the nature and need for the funds. Specific reasons for applying for the funds, the amount of money needed, and what the funds will be used for are required.

4) Members of the LMD shall, by their vote, determine which project will receive the funds at the appointed time. Each member shall be allowed one (1) vote among the churches or missions applying for funds.

5) The applying church or mission receiving the highest number of votes shall receive all funds. In the event of a tie, either the funds will be divided evenly, or the QABC shall cast the deciding vote, at their discretion.
6) The LMD shall not be used for vehicles, parsonages, literature, library materials, operational needs, benevolence programs, mission trips, school or educational programs, ministries, advertisement, etc. In the event of a request for funds for a project not covered in this document, the QABC shall decide if the request is acceptable or unacceptable.

7) In the beginning, the LMD fund shall be awarded at the SWA annual messenger meeting each September. The date and frequency of distribution of the LMD shall be at the discretion of QABC, provided that all funds are distributed within one (1) year.

8) Applicants must have their written requests in the hands of QABC no later than 60 days prior to the SWA meeting. This will allow sufficient time to publicize to all members those who are making applications for the fund.

9) LMD members must send in a written ballot stating which project they are voting for. This ballot must be received at QABC no later than 15 days prior to the SWA meeting.


This guideline may be amended by vote of the sponsoring church as necessary changes occur. The QABC shall notify all members of the LMD of any changes as soon as possible. QABC welcomes suggestions from anyone fellowshipping with the SWA, and will take their suggestions into advisement.

Done by order of the church, in regular session on September 12, 2004.

Monty A. Hilliard, Moderator